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 # main # main
 +This wiki serves as my quick and dirty documentation and fixes. There'​s very little explanation. Mostly its just steps to perform with references if more context is needed.
   * [[apple|Apple]]   * [[apple|Apple]]
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   * [[https://​​community/​tutorials/​how-to-partition-and-format-storage-devices-in-linux| Partition and Format Storage Devices in Debian]]   * [[https://​​community/​tutorials/​how-to-partition-and-format-storage-devices-in-linux| Partition and Format Storage Devices in Debian]]
   * [[http://​​en/​2.4/​pages/​configuration/​graylog_ctl.html#​extend-disk-space|Extend disk space]]   * [[http://​​en/​2.4/​pages/​configuration/​graylog_ctl.html#​extend-disk-space|Extend disk space]]
 +====== Sign Meraki SCEP CA Cert ======
 +  - Log into Meraki Console
 +  - Goto Organization -> MDM
 +  - Under ''​SCEP CA Certificate Configuration''​ download the ''​Meraki\_SCEP\_CA\_CSR.csr''​
 +  - Copy the CSR to your Windows CA server
 +  - Open PowerShell with admin privileges
 +  - Run this command: ''​certreq -submit -attrib "​CertificateTemplate:​SubCA"​ Meraki\_SCEP\_CA\_CSR.csr''​
 +    - Select your CA when prompted
 +    - Save the file, name it whatever you want
 +  - Back in Meraki on the Orgs MDM settings click ''​Choose File''​ under the ''​SCEP CA Certificate Configuration''​ settings
 +  - Select and upload your signed cert
 +  - Click ''​Save''​
 +  - Test install the cert
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