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 +edit /​etc/​network/​interfaces
 +===static ip===
 +# The loopback network interface
 +auto lo
 +iface lo inet loopback
 +# The primary network interface
 +allow-hotplug eth0
 +auto eth0
 +iface eth0 inet static
 +edit /​etc/​resolve.conf
 +======sudo user setup======
 +apt-get install sudo
 +usermod -a -G sudo example_user
 +====disable ssh timeout====
 +edit /​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config
 +ClientAliveInterval 60
 +then run sudo service ssh restart
 +<​code>​apt-get update</​code>​
 +<​code>​apt-get upgrade</​code>​
 +====add users====
 +<​code>​adduser $theUser --home /​home/​$theUser \</​code>​
 +<​code>​--shell /bin/bash \
 +--ingroup $theUser</​code>​
 +<​code>​usermod -a -G sudo $theUser</​code>​
 +(on local machine)
 +<​code>​scp ~/​.ssh/​ example_user@SERVER.URL:</​code>​
 +(back on the server)
 +<​code>​mkdir .ssh</​code>​
 +<​code>​mv .ssh/​authorized_keys</​code>​
 +<​code>​chown -R EXAMPLEuser:​EXAMPLEuser .ssh; chmod 700 .ssh; chmod 600 .ssh/​authorized_keys</​code>​
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